Paddle Boarding Almost Disappeared, But A Few Pioneers Gave It New Life

In the 1930s, Edward Blake all but single-handedly invented the modern sport of paddle boarding when he invented the hollow boards now used today. For a decade or two, the sport gained wide popularity in California and Hawaii, but the rise of modern surfing ended up slowing the growth of paddle boarding.

But thanks to a small group of pioneers in love with the sport, paddle boarding took hold again. Now LBI SUP rentals are commonplace, stand-up paddle board races are held all over, and the activity is on the rise for competitors and casual riders alike.

Paddle boarding faded to near obscurity after the 1950s, but began to surge back into popularity in the early 1980s thanks to Rabbi Norm Shifren’s “Waterman Race,” a 22-mile jaunt from Point Dume to Malibu. Shifren was a Lose Angeles lifeguard.

The Waterman Race caught the attention of journalist Craig Lockwood, who saw an opportunity in the (once again) growing sport. He quickly put a high quality stock paddle board into production, making the boards more readily available to the public. That’s why they are now so easy to find for people looking for Long Beach Island SUP rentals.

Lockwood’s much-imitated design remains the most popular design today, and has perhaps won more races than any other.
Paddle board production quickly skyrocketed soon thereafter, led by a trio of California shapers: Joe Bark (from Los Angeles), Mike Eaton (from San Diego), and Brian Szymanski (from North County). They became the three biggest paddle board makers in the U.S., producing hundreds of boards each year (by some estimates of half of all sold).

The revival of classic events also helped bring back the paddle board scene. In 1982, a pair of lifeguards from Los Angeles, Gibby Gibson and Buddy Bohn, brought back the Catalina Classic. Just 10 paddlers competed, but the event helped bring paddle boarding back to the attention of water sports enthusiasts.

A much bigger factor, however, was the annual Independence Day Paddle board Race in Hawaii. Crossing from Sunset to Waimea, the event drew hundreds of competitors and loads of attention to the sport.

The explosion of the Independence Day Paddle board Race helped propel the industry forward not just due to its popularity, but because the event was so big there were not enough boards to supply all the racers. In order to meet demand, Hawaii surfboard shaper Dennis Pang began to make paddle boards, too, so the boards would not have to be ordered from the mainland.

Dennis Pang is now one of the top producers of paddle boards in the world. It’s not unusual to come across his boards when looking for SUP rentals in LBI.

Whether you are a racer in California, a casual rider in Florida, or a weekend enthusiast looking for LBI SUP rentals, you have people like Norm Shifren, Joe Bark, Mike Eaton, Brian Szymanski and others to thank for all the fun the sport gives you.

Remember that the next time you’re on the water. You’re not just standing on a board, you’re standing on the shoulders of giants!


4 Ways To Treat Chronic Sinusitis

A Man Needs Treatment from a NJ Sinus Center
A Man Needs Treatment from a NJ Sinus Center

If getting the common cold frightens you because it so often evolves into something more serious, or if you find yourself coping with ongoing sinus problems that have impacted your quality of life, you may be suffering from sinusitis.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus lining. This condition can cause discomfort and difficulty breathing, as well as an increased chance of infections. Those repeated infections and discomfort may be made worse if the sinus opening becomes blocked by the swelling.

In some cases, sinusitis can be a short-term condition. However, it can also last for long periods of time. Instances of Sinusitis lasting more than 12 weeks should be addressed by a doctor.

So how to treat this uncomfortable, often problematic condition? There are four main options:

Natural Therapy – Mild sinusitis can sometimes be treated with simple natural therapies, such as inhaling steam of using a saline-based nasal spray. This may help clear the sinus openings and allow clear breathing again. However, if symptoms persist – and studies show that that symptoms will persist or reoccur in a large number of patients – be sure to see your doctor for further guidance.

Medication – If you suffer from acute sinusitis, your doctor may be able to prescribe you medication to help alleviate your condition. This could include antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays. However, it should be noted that according to clinical studies, some 20 percent of patients do not see improvement despite these efforts, necessitating a more permanent solution. Please consult with your doctor to determine if you are one of these people.

Traditional Sinus Surgery – If you have chronic sinusitis and natural therapies and medications have been unable to address the issue, you are a likely candidate for sinus surgery. Under this procedure, bone and tissue are removed in order to enlarge the sinus opening. Please take note that this procedure may entail a long recovery time, up to several weeks if you do manual labor for a living, and there may be pain and/or scarring associated with it. It is for these reasons that more and more patients and doctors are turning to balloon sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty – Though a relatively recent development, this in-office balloon procedure NJ has proven to be an effective way to treat chronic sinusitis with minimal down time, minimal discomfort, and no need for invasive surgery. Under this procedure, a small balloon is threaded through a catheter, which is run to the sinus cavity. It is then slowly inflated, which expands the sinus cavity and opens any blockage. There are no incisions, no blood loss, and no damage to bone or tissue. It’s generally done right in your doctor’s office and is wrapped up in just an hour or so. With the help of this in-office balloon procedure NJ, recovery times can be fast, allowing you to get back to your life quickly.

If you believe you may be suffering from sinusitis, contact your doctor and ask too explore your options. Better to seek treatment now rather than suffer again and again whenever cold or allergy season comes around.

4 Fitness Tips For Those Trying To Get Back Into Shape

Elliptical Machines for Sale in Monmouth County NJ
Elliptical Machines for Sale in Monmouth County NJ

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve fallen a little behind when it comes to staying fit and active. Trust us, we’ve been there before!

But now you want to change things. You want to feel good about yourself again. You may even be prowling the Internet looking for elliptical machines for sale in Monmouth County to help you get there.

In other words, you’re ready to work.

Before you begin the hard work of getting active again, though, you have to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are four essentials to help you get there:

ONE: Eat Healthy

All fitness begins with healthy eating. Food is the fuel that keeps you going, so in order to maintain your workouts you have to keep yourself fueled up. You also need to keep yourself fueled up with good, healthy food, because no matter how good your workouts are, if you’re eating like crap you won’t make the progress you should. Stay focused on a good, balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. Good eating habits will make your workouts far more effective!

TWO: Prepare Your Food In Advance

A great way to ensure you eat healthy is to prep your food in advance. Putting together your lunch the day before, for example, will prevent you from dashing out to a fast food joint when work gets busy. It also gives you more time to plan and consider what you’ll be eating. This is especially important if you have a big workout day coming up. You can fuel yourself properly beforehand, allowing you to maximize your time working out.

THREE: Watch Your Portions

A big part of eating healthy is not just what you eat, it’s how much you eat. You could have the healthiest lunch in the world, but if you’re eating three times as much as you should you’re defeating the purpose of eating right! Aim for pasta portions that are about the size of your fist, meat portions no bigger than your palm, and fruit/vegetable portions to match. A great way to help yourself maintain good portion control is to use small plates and bowls. Studies show that the larger the plate, the more people tend to serve themselves.

FOUR: Build More Mass

A basic part of re-sculpting your body overlooked by those new to the gym is building mass – and yes, it’s important even if your ultimate goal is to trim down! Remember, losing fat is only one part of fitness. Building muscle is just as important, if not MORE important. Increase your protein intake, then do weight workouts with a focus on having good form. Remember to include days of rest. Believe it or not, your muscles continue to build themselves while you rest. Before long your fat will start to be replaced with muscle.

Keep this stuff in mind and no matter what your goal is, you’ll get there. Now go ahead and buy that elliptical trainer for sale in Monmouth County , because you’re ready to start working out!